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March 14__Dave and Ethan: Dating Coaches

Posted: March 8, 2011 by kicollins in General

Monday: March 14th  8-10 PM: Dave & Ethan


In 2008 Dave and Ethan began posting double date advertisements on youtube and craigslist. The hilarious posts had over 2,000 responses from women across North America. They have now been on over 200 double dates and have turned into dating experts. Don't miss this show as they  reenact terrible dates, sing songs of love, provide interactive exercises, and more tips on how to have a perfect date.


For more info and videos, check out their website.

Help Pick Movies for Next Semester!

Posted: December 7, 2010 by kicollins in Films, General
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This Wednesday, December 8th, join us in the Hage Room (located on the 2nd floor in the HUB) at 8pm to help pick the movies we will show next semester.

We will be showing numerous movie trailers that are possibilities for next semester. Since we show these movies for you, we would like you to have say on which movies we show.

Admission for this showing is FREE! We will also be selling soda and candy.

Don't miss your chance to help choose and bring your friends!!

See you there 🙂

NACA 2010

Posted: November 30, 2010 by kicollins in General


Here is what PACE President Chis Greiner had to say about his experience:

The weekend before last, I and 6 other outstanding PACE members attended the NACA regional conference. This stands for National Association of Campus Activities. We attended along with representatives from planning boards in colleges all around the northeast! We we're able to go there and learn more about our jobs, how we can improve, and how other colleges are doing. While we were there, our members networked, bargained for artists, and received novelty and lecture ideas for our events. ALL FOR YOU! Now we've come back with a greater span of knowledge for how we can get at you, and keep you entertained. If you have any ideas for events, feel free to stop by our board meetings every tuesday night in the HUB Student Senate room at 8:00pm, or e-mail me at

Movie This Week: Inception

Posted: November 2, 2010 by kicollins in Films, General

If you didn't have a chance to see it in the theater, or you saw it and thought it was incredible.. PACE is giving you another chance to see INCEPTION.

It will be showing at regular times (Tues: 8pm,Wed: 9pm,Thurs:9 pm&Fri:7pm), in the regular place (Hyde 220), and for the same price (only $1)!


Ski Package 2010-2011

Posted: October 21, 2010 by eabenn in General

Vote for this year's ski package! It's between 2 mountains this time!  Click the following link to get more information!

Voting ends on Friday, October 29th

Plymouth State's Student Senate will be ratifying the results after Thanksgiving! Every vote counts!

Welcome to PACE!

Posted: September 14, 2010 by eabenn in General

What is PACE?

PACE stands for Programming Activities in a Campus Environment.  It is a student run organization comprised of a cabinet (President, Secretary and Treasurer) followed by an Exec Board of 4 Vice Presidents.  The 4 VPs head the 4 different committees in PACE that students can join and be a part of. 

Annual Themes:

This committee is in charge of two huge weeks in the academic school year.  Homecoming and Family Celebration (HFC) is in the Fall semester and in consists of a week full of student activities and friendly competition between student organizations.  That weekend concludes the week with a Harvest festival in the late morning into early afternoon.  The Homecoming football game is also in the afternoon where we encourage Panther pride! The Homecoming court also is announced during half-time.  The evening of the Harvest Festival is a family dinner, traditionally located in the HUB Courtroom with spectacular catering provided by Sodexo. 

Winter Carnival is the other major week that Annual Themes are in charge of.  Unlike Homecoming, the purpose for WC is solely for the student organizations on campus.  The week long events are bigger and colder than Homecoming and normally has a Friday night entertainment.  Winter Carnival normally fall on the week of Ski Day, the day where classes are cancelled and students are able to go skiing at the mountain that is chosen Fall semester for free. 


The Entertainment committee is responsible for the low key and high volumed (no pun intended) concerts that go on throughout the year.  A lot of times PACE's Entertainment will team up with WPCR (our student radio station) to put on concerts that start and cap off the Fall semester.  The Entertainment committee also brings acoustic artists for their Acoustic Cafe as well as facilitating open mics and underground sounds for student talent.  Something students aren't always aware of are the Great Escapes that PACE puts on.  The Great Escapes chair is in charge of bringing students off campus to some other attraction.  In the past, Great Escapes chairs have made trips to concerts, sporting events, Six Flags, and even something as local as the Keene Pumpkin Festival.


The Films committee is in charge of bringing movies to the campus for just a dollar!  Students and community members can even get a semester for just $5 and then are able to see all of the movies given.  These movies are traditionally movies that have just been in the theaters and haven't come out to DVD yet. 


Marketing committe's job is to advertise for all of PACE's events and also thinking of new and creative ways to get the word out.  The Street Team has been restored and is an active part of the PACE community, wearing bright safety green shirts, handing out flyers and quarter sheets on campus.  They are our "guerilla marketers" if you will.  We also do marketing research, hoping to get feedback from students about what they think of the PACE events and what we can do better to get the word out!

**You don't have to choose just one committee to be a part of! We apprecaite it if you do familiarize yourself with all of the committees and their members!**